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A Desktop Software Program - Installed on your computers

"Bailbond Professional"

If you don't want your data stored on the Internet and you don't want to pay monthly fees this product is for you...


Serving the bail industry since 1999.

 Our approach to keeping things simple has been the key to this products overwhelming success.


  • Simple enough for a single agent and complex enough for a large agency 
  • Easy to look up bonds, defendants, court dates, indemnators, etc.
  • Easy to manage defendant check-ins
  • Lots of pick list to save you typing
  • Keeps track of premium payments
  • Full support for state reports in all 50 states
  • Full support for insurance company reports
  • Automatic court date Email or Text Alerts for defendants and indemnators 
  • Automatic check-in Email or Text Alerts for defendants 
  • Communicate with defendants via Email or Text messages
  • Flexable and comprehensive set of reports to manage your business
  • Excellent help built into the system
  • 24 / 7 telephone support at no extra cost
  • On-site support for a fee
  • Very - very - very - easy to use


The price of this program is a one time fee

 $369.00 for a single user license.

 $569.00 for a multi user network license.

Bailbond Professional Software Free Demo:

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We also offer a "Web Based" version of our "Bail Bond Professional" product.

Follow this link to see more on our web based version



It is useful to point out that Bailbond Professional specifically deals with report issues in all 50 states. Our total support commitment to maintaining compliance with any and all state, county, city, etc reports comes to you at absolutely no cost.

With Bailbond Professional, your data resides on your server. With today's internet technology your agents can access your server from anywhere there is internet access. This makes Bailbond Professional a truly "Anywhere, Anytime" software solution. This is all available to you with no monthly fees.

Our support for the Bailbond Professional software product is "24/7". We believe that if you are working, we are working. So call us whenever you need us. 800-454-9051

OKLAHOMA - In Oklahoma we print the bonds written report, affidavit of discharge report, rewrites report, collateral report, professional cover sheet, surety bondsman cover sheet, individual summary page, active bonds list and the cash bondsman cover page, all to meet the state requirements.

TEXAS - In Texas we find different requirements in each county. Any time a customer informs us of a report requirement in their county we will respond immediatelly with a new report.

TENNESSEE - In Tennessee we calculate the state tax and print the bondsman's liability report.

COLORADO - For agents in Colorado we print the Daily bond register annual report and the Professional cash bail agents semi annual report.

ARKANSAS - In Arkansas we print the quarterly new bonds written report, the quarterly bonds discharged report, the quarterly liability summary, the department of insurance quarterly fee report, the department of insurance annual reconciliation report, the public defender commission quarterly fee report, and the public defender commission annual reconciliation report

MISSOURI - In Missouri we print the active bonds list for each agent just the way the great state of Missouri wants it.

NORTH CAROLINA - In North Carolina we provide the professional report as well as the surety report

SOUTH CAROLINA - In South Carolina we provide the professional bondsman monthly report.

WASHINGTON - For the state of Washington we provide liability listing by county justification report

Additionally, we provide totally free support for any reports required by insurance companies. We currently cover Bankers Surety, American & Underwriters, Safety National, Fairmont, Ranger, Pioneer General, Seneca, Peninsula, Cmerican Contractors Indemnity. A simple phone call will get instant action to add new reports or change existing one.